When Does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Start? - Season 15 Start Date

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The current Fortnite season has less than two weeks left to it.

The next-season is bound to be one of the best yet, as we have more Marvel content to look forward to, along with the Winterfest 2020.

Now, players are patiently awaiting the announcement of the season-ending event; which should be next week!


But, if you are like many and have not been keeping a tab on when the season's end, you may want to know.

Here's when! 


Start Date

Barring no future delays from the side of Epic, it appears we are right on track to kick the new season off very soon! 

Season 15 or Chapter 2 Season 5 is going to be kicking off on December 2nd, 2020

This gives players just under two weeks until the new season is released, so not a lot of time to finish off their battle pass.


It has been two seasons since the last delay for the season-end date.

So, we hope this will be the case yet again; as the current season has gotten dry for some players.

Although the Marvel content has been fantastic; we can't wait to see what Epic has in store for us.

Perhaps they will grant a Christmas wish for all players and bring us back to the old map! 

We will have to wait and see!