Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Punch Cards, Everything We Know

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has kicked off and there is so much new content to explore!

You have new bounties to hunt, fish to catch and quests to complete!

Though, not everything from Season 4 Chapter 2 survived Galactus’ attack.

It looks as if Punch Cards may have been lost, or at least the Punch Cards as we know them.

Here’s everything we know!

Punch Cards in Chapter 2 Season 5

Punch Cards where kinda like long, ongoing challenges for just playing Fortnite in certain ways.

You could bonus XP for catching fish, dealing damage with specific weapons, opening chests and making use of the map’s new features and weapons.

You could see all your Cards on one screen, and how far you had progressed with each.

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In Chapter 2 Season 5, this screen has gone away, but the challenges haven’t.

While Punch Cards are gone you still get rewards for completing Punch Card-esque quests replaced them, and still reward you with 15,000 XP!

So far we’ve seen quotes for eating so many foraged items, distance travelled by glider, damage with weapons and fishing spots used.

Because there isn’t an easy way to keep track of these new quests, we won’t be able to compile a full list with any ease, but know that by playing the game you could start making some serious XP without even realising!

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Will Punch Cards Return?

Likely not this season, Chapter 2 Season 5 is obsessed with calling everything ‘Quests’.

But Punch Cards were a lot of fun, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they show up again in Season 6.

We particularly liked that they encouraged you to vary your play style, to maximise the XP you could earn!

Though they also didn’t railroad you like challenges did, as you were also rewarded for playing the game how you want to!

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