Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Mushroom Locations: Where To Find and Consume Mushrooms/Foraged Items

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Chapter 2 Season 5 is off to a blazing start.

The new season will be running until the middle of March, and there is a lot of content within.


One aspect that has not gone away is the weekly challenges.

Although they are refined a little bit for the new season, there is still plenty of XP to be earned. 

One of the very first challenges will require you to consume mushrooms/foraged items around the map.

Here's where to find these!




These items can be found all over the map.

But, some locations are going to have an abundance compared to other locations.


Your best bet to find foraged items is probably going to be the center of the map.

Consuming the Zero Point crystals will count towards this challenge; and there are so many around the center. 

As for mushrooms, there are a few locations where you can find these.

Your best bet is to head over to Weeping Woods.


This POI has an ample amount littered around the outskirts, closer to the river! 

These challenges are a great way to level up your battle pass as fast as possible.

They will grant a decent amount of XP, and they seem to be rather easy to complete!