Fortnite: How To Get The Mandalorian Jetpack And Amban Sniper Rifle

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Fortnite's Season 5 has thrown the world into a strange state.

After saving the island from Galactus, we've entered a strange clash between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.


Not to mention that Bounty Hunters are on the lose, including the Mandalorian.

The legendary Star Wars figure is wielding two mythic weapons that you can obtain.

Here's how to get the Mandalorian Jetpack and Amban Sniper Rifle.

How To Get The Mandalorian Jetpack And Amban Sniper Rifle

To get both these items, you'll need to kill the Mandalorian boss on the map in a regular battle royale game.


Mando can be found by the Razor Crest ship in Fortnite, which is located towards the centre of the map.

If you head to the south of Colossal Coliseum, you'll be able to find the Razor Crest in the sand.

The Razor Crest can be found at the blue marker


So you'll need to defeat Mando to obtain his weapons.

It's actually not terribly difficult as he'll opt to fight at range and if you build upwards, he struggles to get up to you to fight; even with a jetpack.

Build a fort a bit further away from him and start to unload. If you can find a Sniper it should be any easy kill.

He does have a lot of health, so be sure to bring enough ammo and a good weapon.


The Jetpack is worth grabbing as it boasts infinite fuel, but can only be used for about 5 seconds at a time and takes roughly 10 seconds to recharge.

The Ambant Sniper Rifle has a thermal scope attached which can be great for picking off targets at range.