Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5: How To Unlock All Reese Variants

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Chapter 2 Season 5 is now released all over the world.

The new season introduced an ample amount of content, including the brand new POIs. 


One aspect that has not changed since last season is the skin variants that you are able to unlock.

One of the battle pass skins, Reese has some pretty neat variants.

Here's how to unlock them!




If you are looking to unlock separate pieces to the Reese skin, then you are going to need to complete some challenges.

These will be in the form of Weapon challenges, which we believe can simply be complete by using certain weapons for certain periods of times.

You will need to do this multiple times, however, as there are multiple pieces to the skin you will need to unlock.


Doing this five times or so will unlock the different pieces of armor and skin variants for Reese.

As well, this can be done for the Mandolorian; as we have covered this here. 

Below is a quick summary as well: 

It's being reported that players will need to travel around the map to collect "Beskar Ingots".


This is the same Mandalorian Armor Material you see in the show.

Best of luck this season!