Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Downtime: When Is It? File Size, Duration and More

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Chapter 2 Season 5 arrives TOMORROW!

We do not know what the new season is going to entail.


But we do know that we have defeated Galactus in the season-ending event.

Before the brand new season releases, we are going to have to wait for the downtime to commence and end.

This is a period in time when the game is offline so that the developers can implement all the new files for the new season.

This is also when leaks start pilling in on Twitter; as data miners are able to access every bit of information added.


So, when is the Chapter 2 Season 5 downtime? Here's what we know! 

Update - Return Confirmed

The end of the Galactus event has occurred and we now know when the new season is going online.

Expect the Season 5 downtime to run from 12:00 am EST to 4:00 am EST. 


Black Hole? 

Multiple leaks and rumors have been circulating about what is going to occur after the Galactus event tomorrow.

The game has been rumored to go offline for around 10 hours, which is when the new season will release.

During this time, we can assume we will not be able to access the game at all.


So, we can assume this may be the downtime; or the downtime will commence at the conclusion of the ten hours and this is when files will be added.

ShiinaBR has noted that this could happen at 7:00 am GMT on December 2nd. 

Season 5 could(!) start on December 2 at 7am GMT, according to @tonxim.

If this is true, this means the season would start 10 hours after the event takes place!


The downtime for the new season could happen then, and will probably last around an hour or two depending on much content is being added.

After this happens, the game will be live for you to enjoy the brand new Fortnite season!