Fortnite Spider-Man Skin: Release Date, Price And How To Unlock

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Back in Season 4, Fortnite engaged in a massive crossover with Marvel comics.

While we saw a number of superheroes, one was notably absent from the bunch - Spider-Man.

Season 5 brought a few more heroes, namely Black Panther, Ant-Man and Captain Marvel.

So will Season 6 bring the web-slinger at long last?

Here's what we know about Spider-Man in Fortnite.

Spider-Man Fortnite Skin

The King of Queens has yet to appear in Fortnite, despite the reference to him in the past.

In Season 4, achievements and logos of the superhero appeared in-game.

Perhaps these were just references and nothing more?

Sony has always been very tough to negotiate with when it comes to the acquisition of Spider-Man; so it wouldn't be a surprise if the cost for Epic was too great even for them.

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Release Date

There's no telling when this skin will release, especially as this season seems to be more focused on DC characters.

How To Unlock

The skin will more than likely be available in the shop exclusively for a limited-time.

If we were to guess, we'd expect a bundle including the outfit and back bling for 1800 V-Bucks.