Fortnite: 'Cleanse Tanks' And 'Escape?' Slurpy Swamp Secret Challenges Guide

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Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 4's recent update 14.40. has added plenty of new content, particularly for Halloween in the form of Fortnitemares.

While we're getting stuck into the week 9 challenges, Fortnitemares has provided a few challenges for XP seekers out there.


Not just that, but players can also grab two very easy secret challenges for a combined 20,000 XP!

Here's how to complete the 'Cleanse Tanks' and 'Escape' secret challenges at Slurpy Swamp.

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How To Complete 'Cleanse The Tanks' And 'Escape?' Challenges In Fortnite

This challenge is incredibly straight forward and very easy to accomplish, simply head to Slurppy Swamp on the map.


Slurpy Swamp is the named locations that intersect between C6 and C7 on the map.

You can do this in any mode, but it's likely easier to accomplish in Team Rumble.

Head to the large building in the centre of Slurppy Swamp with the giant barrel of Slurppy on top.


Go inside and to the bottom of the building.

Inside you will see two giant containers with Slurppy juice.

All you need to do is stand inside both of them and it will cleanse.


Once done, hop out of the container and head to the broken wall facing the north.

On the ground, you'll spot a gnome that when you walk close enough to it will start to move.

The gnome will rocket into the air and you'll complete another challenge!