Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: New Weapon Leaked - Mini-Gun Grenade Launcher

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Fortnite Chapter 2’s Season 4 has brought with it a score of new mythic weapons based on some of the most powerful heroes to exist.

Though, all of them could be about to be discarded for a new toy.


Fortnite’s latest leaked weapon could its most devastating yet, a grenade launcher minigun combo!

Perhaps it will even arrive in Chapter 2 Season 5, which is already shaping up to be another mind-blowing outing for Fortnite.

Rocket Riding To A Win?

The leak comes courtesy of data miner @Mang0e_ on Twitter, who found stats and a mesh model for the gun.


The data miner has a decent track record of sourcing new leaks so this new weapon has a high likelihood of being real.

The prototype design looks like a minigun without a barrel, and the stats show the device is ready to deal both hefty damage to players and the environment.

The true force of the leaked weapon won’t be known until it releases, if it does come out at all. 


But given that the minigun and grenade launcher are already two of Fortnite's most powerful weapons, a combination of the two is likely to be even more destructive.

A weapon like this could become one of the exclusive mythic items for Season 5 or later down the line!

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New Weapon Release Date

The combination rocket launcher minigun does not yet have a release date, and so could even be a few seasons away.


It certainly wouldn't be the first time that Epic added a new weapon to Fortnite's code and didn't release it.

We’ll be sure to update you with all the latest when and if this item releases, where to find it and the best strategies to blow the competition away!

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