Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Midas Flopper Glitch Will Delete Your Inventory And How To Fix

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The Marvel additions to Chapter 2 Season 4 are the most in your face.

It’s difficult not to notice Iron Man’s Unibeam tearing through your builds and your health.


Though a huge fishing update also accompanied Thor’s arrival on the island.

But watch out for the rarest Midas Flopper fish, as its mystical properties may have your inventory disappear in a cruel reverse magic trick.

The Midas Flopper Glitch And A Workaround

The Midas flopper is exceptionally rare but equally powerful when used by a player.


Well, at least it is meant to be.

Upon consuming this legendary fish your entire inventory should upgrade, turning all your weapons to their gold variants.

The Midas flopper should also turn into a gold AR or pump shotgun, emphasis on should.

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Many players are finding that instead, their entire inventory is disappearing and not returning.

This will be a devastating blow in a competitive match but thankfully does have a workaround.

As shown here on r/FortNiteBR, a player affected by this glitch simply uses an item from their trap slot on a structure and their items return.

Picking up another item apparently also works.


Where To Catch The Midas Flopper

The Midas flopper, the legendary fish which takes up slot 40 in the fishing catalogue is perhaps the rarest in the game.

Only catchable with a pro fishing rod in fishing spots at the Authority.

This is likely a nod to the Midas character as the Agency, his home, once stood where the authority now does.


For those looking to use the Midas Flopper in-game, it may be worth waiting until the bug is patched.

But if you are simply looking to complete the fishing catalogue, then you should experience no problems, apart from having to overcome that 1% spawn rate.