Fortnite: FNCS Season 4 Shows Fortnite Is More Alive Than Ever

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It is no secret that Fortnite has been through some rough patches with competitive play.

Whether it’s top players like Ninja venting their frustrations, or numbers dipping in their competitions, the signs were not great.


Though, like so much else with Chapter 2 Season 4, is Fortnite on an upswing?

If the FNCS participation numbers to be believed it is even more than that.

Fortnite isn’t just making a comeback, it’s dominating like never before!

Is Fortnite Dying?

This question has been batted around all over the internet, and thankfully the answer is a strong no.


Fortnite is absolutely not dying, as this tweet from @FNCompData shows.

The jump from just under 37,000 players to nearly 186,000 is staggering, that’s 5x as many players this season compared to Season X!

What make’s this comparison even better is that it’s for the same game-mode, FNCS Trios.


The participation numbers for game types will also be swayed by the ease at which people can enter. 

Solos and Duos are easier to enter than Trios or Squads because you don’t need as many people per team.

Seeing as both of these figures are for Trios, that ease of entry will be the same, therefore it’s possible to make meaningful comparisons.

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Why Is Fortnite Doing So Well?

The return of big-name pro players like Ninja will be helping, as will the enormous Marvel tie-in.

It will also be the tweaks and changes that have occurred this chapter so far, Chapter 2 Season 4 plays better than Season 1 (at least we think so).

It could also be that Epic Games seem to be listening to pros a bit more about what they want from the game.


Whether it’s one, all or some other reason, Fortnite is doing better than ever, so let’s get out there and enjoy it!