Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: When Is Galactus Coming To Fortnite

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With the arrival of Fortnite's latest season, Chapter 2 Season 4, it brought with it an interesting Marvel Comics theme.

One of the antagonists of the new season is Galactus, who may be on his way sooner than we thought.


Here's what we know about Galactus in Fortnite.

Galactus Coming To Fortnite

We know that Galactus, the consumer of worlds, is on his way to devour the planet that Fortnite resides on.

As we can see in the below comic strip, Galactus spots the planet in the distance and must feed on it.


If you've been looking in the sky, a star can be spotted and it's getting bigger with every day that passes.

We're presuming this is in-fact Galactus.

With the rate at which it's growing, we could see Galactus arrive in time for the v14.10 update.


How this will all pan out is still a mystery, perhaps the recent beacon activations will help protect the planet and the island. With Tony Stark's arrival and proposed takeover of The Authority's base, could Iron Man hold the key to saving this universe?

Could they stop Galactus in his tracks or simply transport the island away from the destroyer's path?

It could be that Galactus' arrival will trigger the start of a new map and new chapter in Fortnite (as some theories have suggested).