Fortnite Broom Locations: Where To Find A Broom And How To Ride It

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Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 4's short break from its Marvel-themed season is an invigorating change with some great Halloween activities being added in update 14.40.

Fortnitemares is now live in-game and has brought plenty of new content including special challenges.


One of them will leave you positively bewitched!

Here's where to find Witch brooms and how to rid them.

How To Travel 100 Meters On A Witch Broom In Fortnite

To locate a Broom is not as straight forward as it seems, you'll need to locate a Witch's Shack.


These have been distributed around the map at various locations.

One of the easiest locations to find one is above Lazy Lake in F5.

Head to the white marker (indicated below) and you'll spot the Witch's shack - if you play Team Rumble a lot, you may be very familiar with this location.


Once there, you'll notice a barrel full of brooms towards the back right of the shack.

Simply walk up to the barrel and hold your interact button (Square on PS4 and X on XB1).

This will remove them from the barrel and drop up to three brooms - allowing you and your teammates to use them.


Go up to the broom and pick it up, this will add it to your inventory.

Then use it like any weapon or consumable (press R2 on PS4 and RT on XB1) to activate it.

Your character will fly up into the air and start to fly until they eventually land on the ground again; very similar to a glider.

Be sure to face to the west so you can fly downhill and make the most of the broom, there is a 20 seconds cooldown once it has been used.


Once completed, you'll be rewarded with 40,000 XP!