Fortnitemares Challenges Guide - Release Date, Rewards, Cheat Sheet, How To Complete FAST And Everything We Know

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Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 4 seems to have taken a short break from its Marvel-themed season to celebrate Halloween!

Fortnitemares is now live in-game and has brought plenty of new content including special challenges.


Here's what you can expect and our guide to completing them!

Fortnitemares Challenges Release Date

The first three challenges are currently live in-game and went live on the 21st October.

The next three challenges will unlock on the 24th October.

The final three challenge will unlock on the 27th October.

Challenges are available for 12 days and will expire on the 2nd November.

Fortnitemares Challenges

Here are the Fortnitemare challenges:


As it stands, there is 80,000 XP up for grabs and a cosmetic for little effort.

We've also had a number of challenges, quests and legacies leaked that could appear during the event:

  • Deal damage with a Possessed Vehicle
  • Detect players as a Shadow
  • Eliminate Shadow Midas
  • Eliminate shadows as Player
  • Visit Different Witch Shacks
  • Consume legendary loot as a Shadow
  • Defeated Shadow Midas during Fortnitemares
  • Drove a vehicle as Ghost Rider
  • Landed on Ant-Man
  • Processed a vehicle during Fortnitemares
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 2 Challenges

MARVELOUS: Halloween is taking over Fortnite

How To Complete Fortnitemares Challenges

Become A Shadow

This is extremely easy to pull off because all you need to do is join a regular BR game (solos, duos or squads) and die.

You'll respawn as a shadow - do this three times and you'll bag 40,000 XP.

This will obviously take three games to complete (although I encountered a bug where it didn't register in one game).


Travel 100 meters on a Witch Broom

This is again a very simple challenge, but you'll need to locate an appropriate location for the brooms.

These are located at Witches Shacks and the easiest location to find one is above Lazy Lake in F5.

Head to the white marker (below) and you'll spot the Witch's shack.

Once there, you'll notice a barrel full of brooms. Simply grab on, activate it and your character will start flying.

Be sure to face to the west so you can fly downhill and make the most of the broom, there is a 20 seconds cooldown once it has been used.


Eat 25 Candy

To complete this challenge, you'll need to head to one of the named locations around the map and collect candy on the doorsteps of houses.

We recommend heading to a location like Salty Springs.

You'll see bags of candy. Simply use your pick axe to break open the bags and candy will drop on the floor.

Pick the Candy up, eat it and you'll be granted shields or potentially other boosts such as thermal vision.

If your teammates eat Candy, it will also count towards your progress.


If you're lucky you can complete this in less than three games.