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Fortnite Candy Locations: Where To Find Candy And How To Eat Candy

Fortnite's Chapter 2 Season 4's short break from its Marvel-themed season is a welcome change with some great Halloween activities being added in update 14.40.

Fortnitemares is now live in-game and has brought plenty of new content including special challenges.

One of them will get you into the trick or treat spirit by asking you to eat candy

Here's where to find candy and how to eat it.

How To Find And Eat Candy In Fortnite

To complete this challenge, you'll need to head to one of the named locations around the map and collect candy on the doorsteps of houses.

We recommend heading to a location like Salty Springs as this seems to be the easiest location to do it with.

Once you've made it to a house, you should notice something a bit different (other than the weird decorations).

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You'll see bags of candy sat by the door. Simply use your pickaxe to break open the bags and candy will drop on the floor.

Each bag will drop three pieces of candy when harvested.

Pick the Candy up, eat it (this is done like a consumable so R2 on PS4 or RT on XB1) and your character will consume it.

You'll be granted shields or potentially other boosts such as thermal vision for doing so; similar to consuming floppers

If your teammates eat Candy, it will also count towards your progress and will pop up underneath your squad's health bars where challenge progress is displayed.

If you're lucky you can complete this in less than three games thanks to the ample amount of candy and help from friends.

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Once you've eaten 25 pieces of candy, you'll complete this challenge and get 1 Mida's Shadow.

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