Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Dancing Car Bug, Glitch Or Fortnitemares Feature?

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Spooky happenings are already making their way into Fortnite.

No, we’re not talking about all the decorations Epic have put up around Chapter 2 Season 4 in time for Fortnitemares.


We’re talking about the scariest thing of all, cars that can dance….

This glitch might not be bone-chilling, but it’s weird enough to have attracted a lot of attention.

Why are cars dancing in Fortnite?

A Glitch Or A Feature?

This glitch is an interesting one.


Called ‘Dancing Cars’ by the community, vehicles seem to randomly start shaking side to side during matches, even when no one is in them.

Several videos have made it to YouTube and Twitter, here is one of those to show you what the cars look like:

It certainly looks as if they are haunted, but are Fortnitemares ghosts possessing the vehicles? 


The likely answer is no, and that Epic Games somehow missed the glitch when testing out v14.3.

The more fun, Halloween-esque answer is that the paranormal forces slipped the glitch passed them to build up hype for Fortnitemares content!

And really, who knows which of those is the correct answer?

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How To Fix The Glitch

The glitch doesn’t seem to cause too many problems.

Your game shouldn’t crash, and you shouldn’t lose because of it so there’s no need to worry.

It’s likely that v14.4 will patch out the Dancing Cars, so be sure to catch one now if you want to see it in action!


If v14.3 is hiding more glitches and secrets we’ll be sure to keep you all updated!