Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3: Weapons That Need To Be Changed

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Fortnite is in a pretty good place in Chapter 2 Season 2, especially compared to the sniper-fest that made up Season 1 earlier this year. However, we feel there are a couple more things that Epic could do to further balance the game in Season 3.

These balances are focussed entirely on the Battle Royale part of the game, and specifically the Solos and Squads matches, rather than other game modes or Limited Time Modes.

Hopefully, Epic will take a look at some of these weapons, and incorporate the nerfs and buffs to create more balance.

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Weapons We Think Should Be Nerfed

Tactical Shotgun

This is the big one. The Tactical Shotgun is the first Shotgun to outshine the classic Pump Shotgun in Fortnite matches. However, it's all gone a bit far - literally.

We're happy with the damage that the Tactical Shotgun produces, but not the range. You can simply take potshots from afar and do incredible damage to opponents.

Reduce the range of the Tactical Shotgun immediately, please Epic!


This SMG does just under 40 damage with every headshot, which doesn't seem like a lot.


However, when it can rapidly fire those shots into your body with unerring accuracy, you will find yourself knocked by even the most inaccurate of foes.

To fix this, the magazine size should be lower, and potentially the reload times a touch longer.



The RPG is incredibly powerful, destroying other players and their constructions. However, there is very little risk, but great rewards.

The reload times are fairly quick (considering the damage it produces), so this is what we'd change.

A longer reload time would leave players more vulnerable between taking shots, while not compromising the damage output.



The Minigun is another hugely powerful weapon, and if you master it, it can near-instantaneously kill any players in its path.

Why then, is it so quiet when powering up? A louder noise could alert players in the area that they are being targetted and, let's be honest, a weapon this size and powerful needs to take up two inventory slots.

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Weapons We Think Should Be Buffed


The Harpoon can be a fun weapon to use, but it is simply ineffective at the current range limitations.


Extending the range of the Harpoon could see the introduction of unique and clutch tactics, especially when dropping hot or in an exciting endgame scenario.

Grey Pump Shotgun

While the Pump Shotgun remains pretty strong, the basic rarity is far inferior to its Tactical counterpart.

We propose increasing the headshot damage from 140 to 150 to make it worthwhile picking up for those early stages.


Upgrade Benches

We think that Upgrade Benches could see more usefulness than their current abilities.


While it can be handy to upgrade your weapon's rarity - and therefore its power - we feel these could also work upgrading the weapons themselves.

Of course, you would need more materials to do this, but choosing to change which Shotgun or Assault Rifle you have as the game changes could be a really cool mechanic.

Assault Rifles

Honestly, we feel that something needs to be able to rival a Sniper Rifle at range.

Currently, if you are sniperless and someone is raining Sniper shots on you, there is little you can do other than find cover or construct some of your own.

However, with a range increase for Assault Rifles, you could fire some shots back, that would do less damage than the Sniper, but at least give your opponent something to think about.