Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 LEAKS: 10 New Limited Time Modes Leaked, Everything We Know So Far

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Dataminers have been having their merry way in the Fortnite game code once again, and have revealed no fewer than 10 wacky LTMs!

Many of them appeared during the v13.30 update, and understandably a few involve cars - despite the delay to vehicles in battle royale mode.

Here's the full breakdown of Limited Time Modes coming to Fortnite soon!



Fortnite Antares leaked LTM could tie in with the Ancient Astronaut POI
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Image courtesy of FortTory on Twitter

First of all, a huge shoutout to dataminer HYPEX for finding all of these LTMs and sharing.

The first LTM is Antares, which involves battling with Jetpacks.

It appears that there will also be low gravity in this event. Have Fortnite developers been watching Hyper Scape?

We think this will tie in with the Ancient Astronaut challenges coming soon to battle royale mode. You know, space, no gravity, etc.

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All teams in the Mira LTM start with the same loadout. However, this loadout switches each round.

We assume no loot spawns in this mode, and teams have to battle it out with what they are given?

This mode will give you vital info on opposing teams, but we're not looking forward to the inevitable sniperfests that will come.


The description for Polaris reads as follows: "Loot pulled from open water is grey & High tier loot pulled from fishing spots."

If you ever wanted to bring Fishing Simulator to Fortnite, this is your chance!


Fortnite Pavonis LTM leaked by dataminers
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Image courtesy of Epic Games

This seems to be a pistols-and-shotguns mode, where your attacks deal more damage, but you also take more damage.

With only close-ranged weapons spawning, this is an all-or-nothing kamikaze LTM that could be great fun!

Tank Battle

Unfortunately, we aren't getting actual tanks in Fortnite.

This mode simply lets you absorb other players' shields when you hit them. Get it? You are the tank.

Rags to Riches

Every piece of loot on the map is common - i.e. grey. However, eliminating an opponent randomly upgrades one of your items!

This could be really fun, but make sure to not fill your inventory with useless pistols, because you know what will end up being upgraded!

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Here's the description from the datamine: "Fight to the top with your team. Get payback on marked players. Payback counts as two eliminations."

It's unclear whether you win by being the last squad standing or if it will be based on the number of kills, but this mode clearly takes inspiration from Warzone's contracts.

Bounty hunting will add a new element to Fortnite games, and we're really looking forward to this one!


We've known about Siphon for a long time, but the description was updated in v13.30.

It now reads, "Eliminations give you health, shields, and ammo. Deal extra damage at low health. Move faster when damaged."

This could be a really interesting mode, where eliminating other players actually makes you less strong. It's almost a handicap match, and will lead to some baffling scenarios!

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Race Royale

Fortnite Race Royale LTM leaked by dataminers.
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Image courtesy of Epic Games

Now we've arrived at the vehicle-based LTMs, which we can only assume will be delayed along with the arrival of cars in battle royale mode.

The description for Race Royale reads: "Collect three tickets and get to the finish line! Find tickets in chests."

This sounds like a mad dash racing game - and we're all here for it!

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Nitrogen LTM could be my favourite from the leaks we've seen so far.

The description reads, "Earn Stars by delivering passengers in a taxi. Bonus Stars can be found. Eliminationss also cause teams to drop Stars!

"First to collect the target number of Stars, wins! If you get knocked, you'll respawn in a new Taxi."

Yes, it's basically Crazy Taxi: Fortnite Edition! And it sounds utterly perfect.

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