Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: The Yacht Location Guide, Loot Locations, Where To Drop

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Fornite Chapter 2 Season 2 offers a host of exciting changes to the map we all knew and loved throughout Season 1, including a super-yacht that has sailed into the north-east corner of the map.

The Yacht includes a whole host of loot, plenty of secret passages, and a giant golden statue of the elusive Midas. Nothing says humble like a giant golden statue of yourself, right?

If you're planning on dropping to The Yacht, head to the north of Steamy Stacks, but be sure not to miss and end up stranded in the ocean.


From there, follow our tips to make the most of your time at sea, and emerge ready and equipped to deal with the battle ahead.

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Best Landing Spots

You can land pretty much anywhere you want on The Yacht, but some areas are much better than others.

We'd suggest landing on the back of the boat, but on the very top can work as well.

The front of the boat (with the large H Helipad) doesn't offer much loot and has plenty of NPC Henchmen patrolling.



Your main aim is to get to the vault in the basement of The Yacht, via the NPC boss Meowscles to grab the key card which will grant you access.

Meowscles patrols the main room at the centre of the boat, and your best chance of access is from the rear, as you can take cover under the stairway so other guards don't see you.

The alternative is disguising yourself in the telephone box at the front of the boat so you can walk in uninterrupted by NPCs - but this takes a long time while rival players are busy looting.

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Loot Locations

As always, head straight for the vault when you arrive on The Yacht. Grab the keycard from Meowscles, beat the Henchmen, and get your goodies.

Meowscles' signature Legendary AK isn't really that good, so don't bother picking that up.


Watch out for players camping the vault, but the Supply Caches inside should sort you out with a full complement of loot.


Then take the Porta-Potty out of there, and find the three chests in the storage containers at the other end.

This puts you out on the mainland, ready to head towards the centre and the bigger fights.

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Finding Cover

The Yacht is a surprisingly open area, especially on the front deck and in the main room.


After killing Meowscles, try to stick to the higher ground or the basement areas to avoid getting shot.

There are a lot of NPC Henchmen in this small area, so be careful even when landing alone, or take cover in the smaller rooms beside the big room - the ones with the cat flaps that you have to crawl through.

These are great places to top up your shields, as you'll see and hear enemies coming.

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Best Weapons

While you may prefer a shotgun below decks, Assault Rifles remain the best choice on top.


There are some longer-ranged areas, and you may need to take out Meowscles from a distance to avoid being taken out by massed Henchmen.

The Assault Rifles will come in handy once you go through the Porta-Potty and end up on the mainland.

You'll find yourself pretty open, and aside from campers at the exit, so the range will come in handy.

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Pros And Cons

The Yacht is a little bit loot lite, and quite far from anywhere else on the map. If it's near the Battle Bus path, it'll likely be busy with everyone after the sweet vault loot, but if it's too far then your time could be better spent elsewhere.

If you're headed to Steamy Stacks and it seems a bit busy, The Yacht may be a good second choice, but other areas seem to offer better rewards this season.