Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: The Grotto Location Guide, Loot Locations, Where To Drop

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There are five brand new locations in Fornite Chapter 2 Season 2, all with their own secrets and tactics.

The Grotto could be the coolest new base, thanks to its sprawling underground corridors and entrance by sea.


Whether you're looking forward to Deadpool or Midas, the map changes are - literally - game-changing, offering the very best Legendary loot to the best players that can lead you to a Victory Royale.

But, you'll need the best tactics, landing spots, and knowledge to achieve it.

Luckily for you, we've got all that covered and more. If you're planning on dropping in the easternmost section of the map, make sure you know everything to stay one step ahead of the opposition.

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Best Landing Spots

The Grotto is quite a large location, but only accessible through two narrow entries.

This creates quite a bottleneck as everyone drops in, and you can be a sitting duck as you slowly parachute through the hole in the ground.


Once you've landed on the helipad inside, however, grab a weapon as soon as possible and take out any opponents as well as the NPC henchmen who will also be targetting you. This is going to be a busy drop, so be prepared.


Alternatively, you could land at the small house next to the hole, find a weapon and possibly a chest inside, and then head inside with a little more preparation than other players.

However, the best option might be to land right on the coast or in the sea and enter from that side.

This route offers less loot, but it will be quieter and give you more time to fill your inventory while other players deplete each others' health prior to your arrival.

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Loot Locations

While there are chests dotted about the tricky corridors of The Grotto, your best bet is to head straight for the vault at the epicentre.


Luckily, the NPC boss Brutus stands really close by, so you won't have to go far to grab his key card.

He has a fair amount of health and does good damage with his Minigun, but take him out to move on.


Make sure to grab his Legendary Minigun, as it packs a real punch, and then use his key card to access the vault and the numerous Supply Caches within.

Level up your loot, but be careful as other players often camp outside the vault entrance to ambush you before you can access it.

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Finding Cover

While you are pretty open when dropping (or swimming) into The Grotto, you can find cover as soon as you enter the labyrinthine buildings.


Get to know the layout as soon as possible, as it can get a little confusing, but then you'll have the upper hand over less well-versed opponents.


Metal is the only material you can really farm in The Grotto, so remember to harvest Wood and Brick when you leave.

Also keep an eye out for other players making a dash through the open to get to the building area, as they can be easy kills.

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Best Weapons

As is often the case, the Tactical Shotgun is your best choice for the up-close-and-personal fights in The Grotto, however, any Shotgun will do you well.


It's worth picking up an Assault Rifle to take out other people dropping in or swimming away, and generally for that featureless area around the buildings.

Brutus' Minigun is also well worth holding onto, and the vault is your best chance of picking up something rare.

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Pros And Cons

After the initial drop, fights can get quite messy in The Grotto, so head to the vault first to gear up.

Make sure your map knowledge is up to scratch to outwit opponents, and this could be a great landing spot to help you on the way to a glorious Victory Royale.

Be careful, though, there are a lot of NPCs and you can be an easy target as you drop in.