Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2: The Agency Location Guide, Loot Locations, Where To Drop

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Right at the centre of the updated map for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 lies The Agency HQ. A bougie corporate building, this popular landing spot hides a big secret...

Like many new POIs this season, The Agency harbours a secret vault, only accessible with a key card and disguise. The quantities of loot involved and central location make this hugely popular, so be prepared to fight off countless other players as well as Henchmen NPCs.

This new season has brought Deadpool challenges, teleporting Porta Potties, and much more, so if you're ready to take a big jump into the new season, your best starting place is here!

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Best Landing Spots

Your best bet for landing in The Agency is to go straight for the middle, to be honest. You don't want to waste time swimming over, leaving yourself open to attack, or building to get to less popular areas, as the loot will have been hoovered up by another player before you make it there.

It's a busy spot, but The Agency has four floors, so take a floor each if you're in a team, or pick one and hope for the best if you're flying in solo. Midas, the golden NPC boss himself, is located on the right side of the building, so head for him if you want access to the underground vault. Be careful, he has more health and better weapons than normal Henchmen, so be prepared.

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Loot Locations

After defeating Midas and picking up his key card (and Legendary golden Tommy Gun SMG), head straight for the Vault. The card should direct you, but head west from the lobby and down a set of stairs to find the vault.

Inside there are a bunch of chests and ammo crates, so scoop up all the lovely loot and prepare to do battle with anyone else who had the same idea.


If you're not interested in the vault or find Midas already defeated, there are plenty of chests and floor spawns to collect instead.

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Finding Cover

Okay, so there's basically no cover here. Inside you'll be free from far-off sniper fire but will have to deal with all the other players in such a small area. Get building structures for protection outside.

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Best Weapons

As with most buildings, short-ranged weapons are king. Fill your inventory with Shotguns, or SMGs if there aren't any of the former available. Aim for the head, and don't get lost in the maze of corridors.


Of course, I would always suggest picking up a Sniper Rifle if you find one, head to the roof and take some shots at players making a swim for the shore, either towards the island or trying to escape from the chaos.

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Pros And Cons

You can grab some of the best loot in the game at The Agency, but you may leave yourself a little exposed. At least in most games, you won't have to worry about the circle, due to its central location. However, this is already one of the busiest locations on the map, so only land here if you're prepared for a big fight.