Where To Find Campfires In Fortnite

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Campfires come very handy in Fortnite. Although you can't find the portable ones anymore, you'll come across a good number of fixed campfires littered all across the map.

Since the waters around Slurpy Swamp lost their ability to heal, these campfires have become the next best thing. Although they aren't as effective, they somehow get the job done in due course of time.


Campfires in Fortnite

These campfires are usually located close to open areas. Most of them aren't lit so you'll need to set them on fire to enable their healing abilities.

It's not very difficult. All you need to do is approach these campfires and interact with them. That's what will set them on fire. However, these campfires cost 30 wood to activate so that's something you will need to look out for.

Here's a map showing all the campfires on Fortnite island.

Fortnite campfire locations
Credit: Fortnite.gg
Fortnite campfire locations

Once you've managed to make your way to one of these campfires, all you need to do is activate them like I've mentioned before.

You'll notice your health bar filling up for as long as you stand in the vicinity of these fires. I'm not sure of the exact value but you gain around 2-3 HP for every second you stand close to a camp fire.

Surprisingly enough, Dark Jonesy's Spooky Questline requires you to just stoke a campfire. So light one up, wait for a while, and then stoke it.

Do this and you will find yourself 14,000 XP richer. This is probably the easiest of all the punch card challenges in Fortnite Season 8.

Do keep in mind that you're still vulnerable to gunshots. So it's wise if you build up a box around you and the campfire while attempting this mission. Or it's best if you have a team mate watch your back while you complete this mission.

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