Superhero Skins Unbanned From Fortnite Competitive

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Fortnite's Boundless set of superhero skins has had a varied history of controversy in the game, often seen as one of the top "pay-to-win" skins.

Epic Games eventually limited the color combinations players could use on the customizable skins and even banned them from competitive play.


Looks like that just changed.

Boundless Unbanned

@FNinformation reports that the superhero skins of the Boundless set have been unbanned in competitive play.


It is currently unknown if this was an official unban or a mistake, as Epic has not made any official comment on the unban just yet.

No matter the details surrounding the action, Fortnite fans can currently use Boundless skins in competitive for the time being.

The current restrictions put in place by Epic on color combinations are still in effect, so players will be unable to set all white or all black skins.

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Boundless Competitive Ban

Fortnite Boundless skin

Epic banned the Boundless skins in competitive play back in February of 2021 because of the ability for players to make their character a solid color, allowing them to blend into the game's environment and become harder to see.


While they did fix the issue, as mentioned above, the skins remained banned.

If the current unbanning of the skins sticks, it will make many players who spent money purchasing them very happy.

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