How to Throw Birthday Presents in Fortnite

Fortnite's Birthday Challenges are LIVE, with plenty of cosmetic rewards for players to earn while they complete them.

One of these challenges involves throwing Birthday Presents around Apollo Island.

How to Throw Birthday Presents

Fortnite presents
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PRESENTS: Find'em and chuck'em

During the Fortnite Birthday Challenges event, there will be presents littered across the island mixed in with normal ground loot.

All players need to do is pick these presents up and chuck them to create giant presents on the island and complete to first Birthday Challenge.

As a added bonus, these giant presents contain items for players if broken open, one of which will always be a Legendary item.

After completing this challenge, players will be rewarded with a cosmetic item based on how many Birthday Challenges they have already completed,

Fortnite Birthday Challenges

There are several Birthday Challenges to complete, and three different cosmetic items to obtain.

For more info on these challenges, check out Fortnite Birthday Challenges: Dates, How to Complete, Cosmetic Rewards, and More.

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