The Origin of Bim Bam Boom in Fortnite

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It seems most new Emotes released in Fortnite these days are Icon Series ones based on TikTok trends.

Bim Bam Boom is no exception, though the history of the Emote goes a bit further than the viral video sharing platform.


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Bim Bam Boom in Fortnite

Bim Bam Boom comes from the song Bim Bam toi by Carla Lazzari, a 16-year-old French artist.


It was France's entry into the Junor Eurovision Song Contest on November 24, 2019.

By December, the tune had gone viral on TikTok, skyrocketing the song to the number one position on the Spotify Top 50 Viral chart for France.

No matter how I try, nothing comes out
From my closed lips
But I admit, I confess
Inside, I explode!
And it goes up, it goes up, it goes up
Until my little heart freaks out

Currently, Bim Bam toi is one of the most-watched Junior Eurovision videos on YouTube.

While the hype behind the song and TikTok trend may have died down, Fortnite brought it into the game in hopes that its former glory would hit well among its players.

The Emote leaked to the public early and was met with mixed emotions.


Many users dug the new Emote, while others found the music to be too repetitive.

Since its release, Bim Bam Boom has only shown up in the Item Shop a couple of times.

At 500 V-Bucks, it is certainly a good buy for fans.

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