Ava, A New NolloBandz Concept, Seems to Be in Fortnite Files

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For those unfamiliar with NolloBandz, he is a freelance concept artist that usually shares his concepts on Twitter and Instagram.

Several of his concepts have already made it into Fortnite, most recently the Lyra skin.


Back in June, NolloBandz confirmed that another of his concepts, Ava, was on their way to Fortnite, and now it seems the new skin is in the files of the game.

Fortnite's Ava

Hidden under the code name "BuffCatFan", Ava appears to have a skin and two weapon wraps.


@HYPEX believes Ava may arrive as the Crew skin for August, though it is just a guess and the skin/bundle may arrive in the Item Shop just as NolloBandz previous designs have.

Ava appears to be a big Meowcles fan, wearing a shirt with the Buff Cat's face emblazed on it.

She also rocks a pair of amazing shark sneakers and wields a glowing sword and one rather angry-looking rooster shield.

Overall her design is very eclectic and fits perfectly into the world of Fortnite.


Seeing how little was changed between NolloBandz initial concept of Lyra to her in-game look, there is a good chance not much will be changed when Ava finally arrives for players to enjoy.

A seemingly anime-inspired character, there is also a chance that Ava may arrive in a similar style to women of the Cyber Infiltration set.

There is no telling when Fortnite fans will actually be able to get their hands on Ava, but it should be sometime soon.

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