22 Oct 2020

Fortnite Ant-Man Skin: Release Date, Skin Price, Backbling, Glider, Pickaxe, Punch Card Challenges, Abilities, How To Unlock It And Everything We Know

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is welcoming the arrival of Galactus with a host of Marvel Characters, and this next leak is no exception.

The Fortnite Island might have already welcomed his dog’s home, but is the hero Ant-man about to join his Avengers buddies?

We think so, here’s a breakdown of what we know.

Fortnite: Ant-Man Skin Info

Release Date

No release date right now, but it is likely soon!

Ant-man skin details have been found in Fortnite’s code, but is encrypted so we don’t yet know what he looks like!

But we also have a Legacy related to the Ant-Man, to land on him.

Exactly what this means for players hoping to unlock Squish, but perhaps we’ll all of his regular, tiny and giant forms? 

It would be hard to land on something that is only player size.

Skin Price

We don’t know with any certainty but it will probably match up to Daredevil’s price of 1,500 Vbucks, or 2,200 if you get the Skin,  Pickaxe and Backbling as a bundle. It might stretch to 2,000 Vbucks for the Skin like Blade’s.

Back Bling

This one is tricky.

It’ll most likely be something a bit generic, like a Pym Particle vial, rather than a specific backpack/cape style item.


Our guess would be a flying ant like Ant-Thony from the MCU films!

That would be rad.

Source: Marvel Studios

Harvest Tool

We aren’t sure what tool Ant-Man would have. 

Perhaps a sabre like Iron Man’s but made out of Pym Particles?

More likely it’ll be ant-related somehow but we aren’t too sure.

Punch Card Challenges

We could see some Ant-Man power challenges but for now, there is just a Legacy.

Squish requires you to land on ANt-Man, what that means we don’t yet know!


Ant-Man can grow and shrink in the comics, we would love to see that kind of power in Fortnite!

We probably won’t but it’d be amazing!