The Mystery Of The Shrinking Chair In Fortnite

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Fortnite is full of mysteries and gags. And sometimes, these gags are so elaborate that they end up giving birth to some really weird conspiracy theories.

That being said, there's an interesting little fact about Fortnite that is doing rounds on the internet. There is a red chair in the game that is shrinking as the days go by.


We don't know why this is happening, but there are a few interesting theories around it.

Everything we know about Fortnite's shrinking chair

Fortnite's shrinking chair is not a very fancy bit of furniture. It's a red arm chair that's giving into it's age. You'll find this chair standing on a hill near Retail Row.

Now, this chair has been shrinking since 16.40 and it's almost about to disappear after the Fortnite 17.30 update. As mentioned before, there are a few theories around it, and they're as follows:


Theory #1

The first theory says that it's a joke. Apparently, the individual behind the YouTube channel PlayStationGrenade challenged Epic Games to shrink the chair, and they've done so.

Other than that, there's another similar theory that says that Epic Games accidentally did it. And when people noticed it, they actually kept doing it because they felt it was funny.


Honestly, both these theories sound possible. That's because Epic Games is known for their sense of humor. This is something they could actually pull off.

They've trolled the community on numerous occasions previously. And this looks like an oppotunity they really wouldn't want to miss out on.

Theory #2

This is more interesting than the previous one. And this theory may have implications on the storyline in some twisted way as well.


According to this theory, the island is growing. That's the exact reason why the chair is shrinking. I mean, technically the chair retains it's size. However, everything around it is growing bigger, so it looks smaller in comparison.

There's an issue with this theory though. Why is it that everything else except this chair is experiencing a growth spurt? If the island is indeed growing, then the houses and vehicles should have faced a similar dwarving effect.


Or if the island is growing at a steady rate, we wouldn't have been able to notice the difference. Unless of course, we were travelling from one end of the island to another.

Why is it, that this chair is being left out.

Given how Fortnite usually functions, I'm leaning towards the second theory more than the first one. I mean, I love myself a good old conspiracy story any day.

That being said, neither of these theories are mine. They're the ones I found floating on the internet. If you're wondering what I think, well, I'd suggest you don't pay attention to the chair at all.


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