Fortnite Abductors' Warm-Up Time Keeps Changing

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Fortnite's Abductors are a new feature added in Chapter 2, Season 7 of the game.

Several Abductors hover over random areas on the map, snagging players and beaming them up to the Mothership to perform a timed trial.


Players can also land on top of Abductors to grab some loot before other players before gliding down to the Island proper.

Before Abductors grab players, they go through a warm-up phase.

This phase lets players know a mass abduction is about to happen, giving them time to exit the area if they do not wish to play the Mothership mini-game.

Lately, the warm-up time has been changing dramatically, giving players less warning and then more than they initially offered.

Fortnite Abductor Warm-Up Time Changes

Fortnite abduction
ABDUCTION: The only way to get into the Mothership

When Abductors were introduced in Fortnite v17.10, they had an initial warm-up of 30 seconds.


This gave players plenty of warning that abduction was about to occur.

On July 13, 2021, the warm-up time was reduced to 10 seconds, giving players less time to get away from abduction and getting players who wanted to be up to the Mothership faster.

Today (June 14, 2021,) the warm-up time had changed to 40 seconds, 10 seconds longer than when they were first introduced.

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Why The Changes?

There has been no official word from Epic games about the Adbudctor warm-up changes or why they are even tinkering with the time frame.

At this point, players can only guess why and keep an eye on Abductors to see if the time keeps changing.


Abductors were recently removed from the game for a period of seven days, with Epic citing some issues that needed to be resolved with them.

The constant tweaking after they were added back into the game may have something to do with the recent readdition of Abductors, or it may be a completely separate issue.

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