5 Most Scary Skins In Fortnite

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Halloween is almost here. Well not almost, we still have a couple of months to go. However, it's never to early to prepare your Halloween costume.

Fortnite does have a few really scary looking skins in the game. Here are five such skins that you could use during this Halloween and terrorize everyone in style.

Before going on with this list, I'm not really sure if these skins will be back in the item shop before this years' Halloween, so you may have to wait for a while before you see these skins again.

That being said, let's dive into the list right away.


5 scariest skins in Fortnite


#1 Hollowhead

Since we're talking about Halloween, there's no way this list won't have a pumpkin. Hollowhead is the exact costume that you need in Fortnite.

Hollowhead is the perfect Fortnite skin to set you into the Halloween mood.
Image via Epic Games

It's almost like as if a pumpkin ended up sprouting a body somehow, and is on a rampage. Moreover, it's got a really eerie glow to it.

I'm not saying I'm spooked, but I don't want to go up against a glowing pumpkin, especially in the middle of the night.


#2 Teef

Teef is neither human, nor is it an animal. The best way to describe Teef would probably be by calling it a piece of mutated gum.

Here's where it get's creepy. Teef doesn't have eyes or a nose. It's just got a mouth, with a lot of teeth.

The Teef Fortnite skin is more of a mutated bubble gum with limbs.
Image via Epic Games

This creature or whatever it is, is seen wearing a black and white striped overall, something which is very common in prisons. So I wonder which prison he broke out of, and what do the other inmates look like over there.


#3 Hay Man and Straw Ops

Nothing like a nice little duo to shake things up a bit. It looks like Epic Games took a leaf out of R.L. Stein's books and added these scarecrows to the game.

This scarecrow duo is capable of scaring the living daylights of everyone.
Image via Epic Games

Epic Games tried to make Straw Ops pretty by giving her a sunflower, but no that doesn't make her any less scary. Hay Man on the other hand looks like someone who would gladly sell your soul to a demon.


#4 Chaos Agent

Chaos Agent is a funny and mysterious in all sorts of ways. First of all, he has this weird thing on his back that's full of black goop.

The Chaos Agent Fortnite skin raises more questions than it answers.
Image via Epic Games

Secondly, he's just got two fingers and a thumb. And most importantly, he always wears a mask. I definitely wouldn't want to know what's under that mask, but I sure am curious about it.


#5 Peekabo

If you've coulrophobia, I'd recommend you stay away from these skins. Although the collaboration with IT didn't happen, the Peekaboo skin was enough to make us afraid of clowns.

The Peekaboo Fortnite skin is based off clowns, and is a really creepy looking skin.
Image via Epic Games

The Peekaboo skin in Fortnite is a weird hybrid between Pennywise, the McDonalds clown and a costume out of the movie Purge.


Thank god it's been away from the Fortnite item shop for a while now.

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