How To Enable 2FA In Fortnite

Let's face it. Most of us tend to spend a lot of money on Fortnite for our favorite skins and cosmetics. And it'd really hurt to see our account disappear into thin air, thanks to all the hackers and their malicious activities.

Fortnite 2FA is a feature that you must enable on your account, no matter when or how you sign up. Not only does it add an extra layer of security to your account, but it also makes you eligible for the tournaments that Epic Games conducts as well as allows you to apply for a Creator Code.

How does one enable Fortnite 2FA?

Enabling Two Factor Authentication on Fortnite isn't rocket science. In fact, all you need to do is visit the Epic Games website and take it from there.

For those who still need a detailed guide, here's one.

1. Head over to

2. Once on the website, log in with your Epic Games username and password.

3. Once you're in, you'll notice a panel on the left. Select password and security on that panel.

4. You'll be taken to a page where you can change your password. Scroll down till you see "Enable Two-Factor Authentication."

5. Out of the three methods given, you can choose any method you're comfortable with.

And that's it. You've got yourself an extra layer of security for your Fortnite account.

Back when this feature was announced, there were a few rewards that you would receive once you had enabled the Fortnite 2FA.

I'm not really sure if the awards are still around now, but that shouldn't be the only reason you choose to protect your account.

That being said, you need to have Fortnite 2FA enabled if you want to participate in any of the tournaments that Epic Games conducts throughout the year. So, don't wait any longer, protect your account now!

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