Fortnite 17.30 Patch Notes

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The Fortnite 17.30 update is an interesting one. This is probably the first time that we've had three updates in the span of three weeks.

Although I'm not sure if the update will be heavy content wise, there's a lot of changes that we can expect once the update goes live.


Other than that, the update will bring in your regular dose of bug fixes just like every other update.

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Fortnite 17.30 Update Release Date

The Fortnite 17.30 update is scheduled to go live on August 2nd, that's tomorrow.

Since there were no weekly challenges released with the previous update, the Fortnite 17.30 update could be live tomorrow itself.

Update Size

The Fortnite update sizes vary depending upon the platform.

Xbox Series X: 4GB
Nintendo Switch: 1.5 GB
PC: 2.92GB
PS4 : 4GB
PS5 : 3.6GB
Xbox One: 3.8GB
Android: 1.1GB


Fortnite 17.30 Update Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

As listed on their Trello Board, here are the bug fixes that we'll be seeing with the Fortnite 17.30 update:

  • Battle Royale:
    • Vehicles driving erratically, caused by player in control being in Prop state.
    • Cosmic Chest timers may remain on screen if a Bounty is poached.
  • Creative:
    • Latency issues on XL Islands.
    • Players do not bounce if they land in the center of Crash Pads.
    • Vehicle explosion not properly triggered with "Destroyed with Transmit" on.
    • ATKs bounce and jitter unexpectedly when starting to drive.
    • Vehicle memory too high.
  • Save The World:
    • Wrong Event Ticket displayed on the Beyond Stellar Horizons quest.
    • Searched Washer/Dryers Only Give Level 1 Items In High Level Zones.
    • Healing Build Attached perk not restoring the proper amount.

New Loading Screen


There's a new Ariana Grande themed loading screen that we'll be seeing once the servers have come back online. This works as a build up for the upcoming Rift Tour event.

There are a few more loading screens as well. And they spin out some interesting tales.

New Hotfixes

There were two new hotfixed strings that were updated with the Fortnite update today. The first one was related to a simple floating light.

The second one was Task Force X.

After the Fortnite 17.30 update, every single vehicle on the island will have their lights turned on during the night time.

Possible upcoming skins

The Task Force X relates to a set of skins. It's common knowledge that Bloodsport is on his way to Fortnite.

However, we may see more Suicide Squad skins after Bloodsport!


In line with the previous information, we might be seeing Polka-Dot Man soon enough. Data miners believe that this character is encrypted within the files.

New Skins & Cosmetics

Just like every other Fortnite update, there are new skin bundles that we'll be seeing after the Fortnite update today. Although these bundles may not go live right after the update, they'll go live in a couple of days.


Other than that, the Fortnite 17.30 update brings to us a new set of locker bundles for Maisie and Reuben.

Other than that, many skins have received updated variants too. Human Bill and Harley Quinn receive a new variant each.

Interestingly enough, some of these new skins react to music too. This will be fun to watch. I just hope these skins don't face the issue that the Orbital Abductor faced.


Moreover, the Guffie Stuffie back bling reacts happily or angrily depending upon how you play.

Finally, the progressive crew outfit that we've been hearing about for so long may go live from next month. It'll be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Ariana Grande Fortnite Skin


Although we've had a preview of the skin, we don't know how the skin exactly looks. The meshes for the skins are in the files now, and the skin does look pretty amazing to me.

New Weapons

There are two new weapons that come with the Fortnite 17.30 update. The first one is a Burst Pulse Rifle. I'm assuming it's a three round burst.

Secondly, the Prop Gun is finally in the game as well. You'll be able to turn yourself into a prop effectively with this weapon.


There's also a new item tag which is known as the Throwing Axe Fire. I'm not sure what this means as of now. But from the looks of it, we'll probably be seeing some kind of a throwable weapon soon in the game.

There's also a Medic Pack that was scrapped back in Chapter 1. That pack was updated in the Fortnite update today.

This pack allows you to self revive and revive faster than normal. This could probably come to the game soon enough, since it's been updated.

New NPCs


Who would have guessed it? Beast Boy and Batman Zero are NPCs in Fortnite now. It'll be interesting to see what kind of dialogues they have with the loopers on the island.

It'll be even more interesting to see if they're friendlies in the first place.

Few NPCs that are still on the cards are a Cashier NPC and Polygon.

These NPCs might not be on the island right after the Fortnite update today goes live. But they should be there soon enough.

Finally, Bushranger may be dead but he's not gone. He's going to be back with us soon. For now he's just a Sapling Cadet!


And speaking of cadets, the Man of Steel is also an NPC on the island just by the way.

Kevin The Cube

Don't get hyped up, he's not back. At least not yet. Epic Games is setting Kevin up for his grand return!

Some sound files for the cube have been updated.

New Event

There's apparently another new event that's being planned. This new event is being codenamed as BackToSchool2021.


It sounds like a retro themed event, but we'll no more about it in a couple of days hopefully.

New LTMs

There are two new LTMs that we'll be seeing in the game after the Fortnite 17.30 update.

Some of the older LTMs will also be recycled. Thor's Hammer has also been updated, so it's likely that the LTM could return sometime soon.


New Quests

Superman has his own set of quests in Fortnite this season. The first lot of the Superman quests are finally going live. There are three of them for now. Expect more to come out soon.

Some of the weekly challenges are here as well.


New Chest type

There's something known as a Spawn Obelisk that we'll be seeing in the game. These obelisks have the chance of leaving behind a chest with powerful weapons.

Map Changes

We'll be seeing a few abductions soon enough. That being said, the abduction will begin with Coral Castle mostly and then continue on to Slurpy Swamps.

We have the first look of how Slurpy will look after being abducted.


When it comes to the map, Alien Artifacts will now be marked on the map when you're close to them. That makes things so easy!

UI Changes

There's a new lobby background that will go live once the Fortnite update today finishes. The entire background is full of chunks of broken land.

Fortnite has been working on this for a while now, and the feature is finally here. While playing with a squad, you now get the option to play with your current squad or play with a new squad at the end of a match.


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