Naruto May Soon Be In Fortnite

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Thanks to the Apple vs Epic Games court cases we received information that there was a potential Naruto collaboration in the works. However, Epic Games maintained complete radio silence on the topic.

Fans were so disappointed with the silence on that collaboration that they took to Twitter to express their concerns. One fan went to the extreme of creating a petition on with respect to the Naruto Fortnite collaboration.


However, recent information has revealed that a Naruto Fortnite skin may be in the works.

Everything we know about the Naruto Fortnite skin

According to Twea, a Fortnite data miner, Epic Games is apparently working with Shueisha on a few anime collaborations.

Fortnite isn't new to anime collaborations at all. Their anime influence started with Lexa and Orin back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. Chapter 2 Season 6 saw the introduction of three more anime skins as well, taking the total number up to five.


The fun part about Shueisha is that this company has partial rights to anime headliners such as Naruto and Dragon Ball. If Epic Games is indeed working with this company, then a Naruto Fortnite skin could be a reality.

A fan made render of the Fortnite Naruto Skin
A fan made render of the Fortnite Naruto Skin

We may not see the skin during Season 7 but I'm pretty sure that we could see a Naruto Fortnite skin in Fortnite Season 8. Not just Naruto, Goku and Vegeta could also join the loopers on Fortnite island.

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Given that both these anime are very popular globally, such a collaboration could provide Fortnite with an amazing boost.

Funnily enough, these leakers and data miners are actually accurate with the information that they send out. They've always sent out correct information. There have been times when whatever they said didn't make it to the game but those instances are rare.


That being said, the Naruto Fortnite skin will be a dream come true for many loopers like me. Here's to hoping that it comes soon!