The Fortnite Superhero Skins Are A Problem Epic Games Didn't Account For

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Fortnite brought the Superhero skins to the item shop in Chapter 2 Season 4. These skins were an instant hit with the community because everyone could customize their own heroes.

It was all fun and games for a while till someone discovered that they could build themselves a Fortnite Superhero skin with full black overalls.


That discovery knocked down a domino which in turn exposed so many issues with the game and the skins as well.

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Everything wrong with the Fortnite Superhero skins

The full black Fortnite Superhero skins were completely fine, except that you couldn't see them in the dark. Now Fortnite does have a day-night cycle in the game. And during the night there are a lot of areas that are dimly lit.


Loopers who were using these full black Fortnite Superhero skins realised that they could blend in with the environment. And it literally happened. You could stand in the shadows and not be discovered at all. While this wasn't that much of a problem on the PC, it was a huge thing for players on a console.

This skin combination kept ruining games in the competitive mode. Repeated complaints forced Epic Games decided to disable the full black Fortnite Superhero skin.


However, that wasn't the end of their woes. Once the full black skins were disabled, loopers began experimenting with full white skins as well.

Although it wasn't that big of a problem, loopers could easily camouflage themselves as statues or even with completely white surfaces. This again was disabled by Epic Games.

Over the next seasons, the developers made a lot of changes to the Fortnite Superhero skins. However, that didn't seem to sort out the issue. You can still blend in with the environment by using natural colors.

Were the Fortnite Superhero skins pay-to-win?

While they do give off that effect, I personally feel that Epic Games didn't release these skins with such an intention. These skins had so much potential in Fortnite. Think about the numerous customization options that you had to yourself.

But no, someone had to come up with a scheme that gave them a competitive advantage. This completely ruined the entire essence of the Fortnite Superhero skins.

These skins keep coming back to the Fortnite item shop every now and then because they cater to the sweat meta. But then again, the amount of trouble that the Fortnite Superhero skins have caused, Epic Games could just disable these skins once and for all.


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