Fortnite 17.10 July 6 Hotfix Notes

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Although the Fortnite update today has been rescheduled for July 13th, there was a hotfix that just went live. Thanks to the Fortnite 17.10 hotfix, we now have some really interesting content in the game.

That being said, here's everything that the Fortnite 17.10 hotfix brought to the game. Epic Games released a blog post describing the same.


Fortnite 17.10 hotfix notes

#1 Alien Nanites

The Alien Nanites have finally gone live in Fortnite. These nanites can double up as a crafting element as well, when you're not using them as a grenade.


While the details above are the crafting recipes, you can always throw it on the ground and enable a low-gravity biome. Funnily enough, if you're jumping out of a low gravity biome from a high spot, you won't receive fall damage.

That being said, Alien Nanites spawn as normal floor loot. They can also be found on top of abductors and inside the Mothership.

#2 Zyg and Choppy

These are two new NPCs that have supposedly joined the island. The description says that they're planting alien parasite eggs. My guess is, Zyg and Choppy can currently be found at the Hydro 16 Dam in Fortnite.


That being said, these two NPCs aren't friendly. They will attack on sight. But if you can defeat them, you'll bag yourself the Zyg and Choppy ray gun, a weapon more powerful than the Kymera Ray Gun.

#3 Holly Hatchery

Holly Hedges has finally been taken over by the aliens. As per the blog post, alien biomes are sprouting around the houses in the POI. There's new vegetation as well.


If you probably visit this spot at this point of time, you'll end up being infected by one of the parasites in the area. You could probably come across infected animals here as well, provided they spawn here.

That being said, now that Epic Games is slowly beginning to release blog posts for each of their updates, does that mean the Fortnite Patch Notes are finally making a return? Have the aliens taken over the Epic Games HQ too?

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