EPIC Cancel All Fortnite LAN Events Until 2022

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It looks like EPIC have told teams and organisations that in-person events and LAN events will not go ahead this year.

While some are hopeful LAN events will return for their respective esport, it seems Fortnite will not be one of those to be included.


Fortnite LAN Events Cancelled

Connoreo has shared a message that Elite Esports received from EPIC confirming that there will be no in-person LAN events until Q2 (April) of 2022.

"Today, Epic Games notified us that they will not allow any in-person events to take place due to the pandemic. They stated that they do not plan to allow in-person events until Q2 2022, or when the global impact from COVID-19 has diminished. We do not completely agree with Epic Games, as most events and activities, both indoor and outdoor, have been recommended to resume as normal by the CDC. In fact, several other esports events and tournaments are taking place similar to prior pandemic. However, we do respect Epic Games and their consideration to keeping everyone safe. Epic is forced to look at the pandemic from a global perspective, meaning that at regional scale, the United States is beginning to operate as normal, however other regions of the world may not be in the same situation. With confirming that Epic will not allow for in-person events, we are forced to make a decision regarding this year's Midwest Open Circuit. Iowa Esports and its partners have made the decision to cancel this year's Midwest Open Circuit that was scheduled for June 12th-13th. All players and viewers who have purchased tickets to the event will be refunded. We apologize for this inconvenience and can't wait for the moment we can bring everyone in-person once again."

Since breaking the news, various tournaments are cancelling events and refunding ticket holders.


It leaves organisations with a big decision to make about how they handle the future of their teams and the next actions to take.