Dreamhack December Duos: Start Date, Regions, Prize Pool, Sign Up, and More!

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The current season is going to wind down shortly, and there will be a massive patch with the release of the new season.

Players have just under two weeks to finish out their battle pass and unlock all the awesome skins. 


The climate of competitive Fortnite has been debated for quite some time now, and Fortnite has not announced the game mode for next season yet.

This has halted practice amongst players and the only events they have had the opportunity to play are the Dreamhack Opens happening each month.

Recently, they changed the format from solos to duos; and it was a massive success for the month of November.

Now, it appears they are back again for the month of December and it is yet again duos.


Here's all you need to know! 



The December iteration of the Dreamhack Duos event is going to take place on the following dates per region: 

  • NA East: Dec 9 - 10  
  • NA West: Dec 16 - 17  
  • EU: Dec 19 - 20

This gives you the opportunity to participate in every region, so you can maximize those earnings! 



We assume Dreamhack will be using the same format as they used throughout the month of November.


This can be viewed down below: 



If you are looking to partake in this event, head on over here to get registered!