Fortnite Chapter 3 Leaks Hint at the Arrival of a New Weapon

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Data miners have been an integral part of the Fortnite community. And thanks to them, we have some interesting information pertaining to Fortnite Chapter 3.

The entire community was pretty confused about the upcoming season in Fortnite. While the debate between the next season being Season 9 or Chapter 3 has finally ended, we have an interesting leak that has ignited a small fire within the community.

The Fortnite Chapter 3 leak in question revolves around a new weapon. And here's what we know about it.

Will we be seeing a new weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Truth be told, this isn't a new weapon but a refurbished form of an old weapon. If you've been familiar with the Flint-Knock pistol previously, this is the weapon that is in question.

This weapon has been improved to have a greater push back effect (which the Flint-Knock had to begin with), and will help in mobility.

The damage dealt by this weapon isn't that high. It dishes out around 27-32 damage depending upon the rarity of the weapon. However, what makes this weapon interesting is that there's a 4x headshot multiplier.

Since this weapon is a heavy hitter, it is rumored that it will come with a long reload time and a short magazine of 5 rounds only.

Although this information was brought to us by popular Fortnite data miner Hypex, he wasn't the first one to say this.

A couple of weeks back, there was a concept map for Fortnite Chapter 3 that was doing the rounds. Something similar to this was mentioned on that concept map as well.


The concept map says something about the Flint Knock pistols being a dual pistol of sorts, and is calling them "Yeet Knock Dualies". Although we're still not sure if the weapon will make it to the game or not, it sure will be a fun little addition to Fortnite Chapter 3.

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