Batman x Fortnite Set To Get A One Shot Comic

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After the massive success that the Batman x Fortnite comics saw, a continuation would only make sense. That being said, recent leaks suggest that one might be in the works too.

For the entire duration of the comics, we saw Batman and Catwoman go head to head with inmates on Fortnite island. That, however might change in the upcoming comics.

A Batman x Fortnite one shot is in the works

Not much is known about this comic for now. Thanks to Fortnite leaker TheGameVlog, we've got a few details about the upcoming comics.

That being said, the storyline isn't known yet. But yes, we'll probably be seeing some characters from Fortnite head over into Gotham City.

Since it's a one shot, I think it will have a small mini storyline of its own. However, there's a special edition of the Batman x Fortnite comics in the works which is set to go live on September 18th. The one shot might continue the story from there and offer a fitting conclusion.

This one shot is scheduled to go live on October 27th, which is approximately 4 days before Halloween. Now, the story could also be related to Halloween too.

Does that mean we'll have a few members of the Rogues Gallery feature in Fortnite during that time? I'm not sure, but it's going to be very exciting.

Finally, the just like the previous Batman x Fortnite comics, we'll be receiving a special cosmetic code with this too. I honestly hope this is some other character from the DC Universe. We have three iterations of Batman already, and we definitely don't need another one.

Pre-orders for the Batman x Fortnite are live now, so you could feel free to order one for yourself. The link is given in the tweet itself.

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