Aliens Coming to Fortnite: Foreshadowing Quests, New NPCs, the Return of IO

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With the latest Fortnite 16.50 update there have been a lot of leaks surrounding the Foreshadowing Quests that first appeared in the files for 16.40.

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These leaks seem to be hinting at some sort of alien invasion, with players interacting with some new NPCs in a series of quests to uncover the truth.


Foreshadowing Quests

Originally thought to be part of Oriella's release, the Foreshadowing Quests will be Epic Level quests having players track down alien activity on Apollo Island and include:

May assets have been found related to the quests, including the downed IO Helicopter (seen above) as well as several other:


Rumors of alien abductions coming to the game also abound, though it is unsure if these will be part of the Foreshadowing Quests or if they will be part of Season 7.

When a player is abducted by aliens, they will be fully healed and transported to a random spot on the island.

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First Look at Fortnite's Aliens

The Spooky TV screens in the Foreshadowing Quests will feature a countdown, as well as the following image which seems to show what the aliens in Fortnite will look like.


Honestly, they look almost like Fishstick and other fish characters, just with larger, black eyes and a glass helmet.

It is clear that these aliens mean us no harm.

Just look at the hearts.

They must be friendly!

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New NPCs


Dennis from Save the World looks like he will make an appearance in the Foreshadow Quests, along with another NPC named Mari.

Dennis and Mari are communicating over open radio waves about what they have found out about the aliens, and Mari seems to have a quest for players to tackle (Destroy Spooky TV Sets)

Steel also has a part to play in the questline, asking players to check the downed IO helicopter and place warning signs around the crop circles in his cornfields.

Right now there is no confirmation on what Mari will look like, just a silhouette:

Fornite Mari
MARI: This is all player know of her so far

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7

The longer it takes for the Foreshadowing Quests to actually release, the better chance Fornite fans have of actually seeing a Season 7 focused on aliens.

Fortnite Season 7 is set to release on June 7, 2021.

If space is involved with Season 7, there is still a chance Samus Aran could arrive in Fortnite.