After Two Years, Fortnite's '**REDACTED**' Bunker Opens Its Doors

After two years, the **REDACTED** Bunker in Fortnite has finally opened its doors, allowing players to explore the interior. Initially added in Fortnite 11.00 during Chapter 2, Season 1, the Bunker has been a mystery to players.

There have been some minor changes to the Bunker over time. Most recently, some IO graffiti adorned the doors in 17.00. With the launch of 18.00, the graffiti had been cleaned off.

The **REDACTED** Bunker Opens

Fortnite IO Bunker
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Throughout Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8, Doctor Slone and her IO Convoy have slowly made their way to the **REDACTED** Bunker. Now that they have arrived, the doors have opened, and the POI is called IO Staging Facility.

For the first time since its addition, players can enter the Bunker and explore the inside. Of course, the Bunker is filled with hostile NPCs, most notably Doctor Slone, a formidable foe.

What is next for the IO Staging Facility? It will likely become the IO's new base of operations in their effort to push back the Sideways and stop the Cube Queen from taking over Apollo Island. With only around 40 days left in Season 8, will Slone make her last stand from the IO Staging Facility and take players into the Season 8 Live Event before the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 9?

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