A Mistborn Collaboration is Coming to Fortnite

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A teaser posted on Twitter was quickly deciphered and shortly after confirmed, solidifying the fact that Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series will be in collaboration with Fortnite for some content.

There are no specific details yet, but fans of both Fortnite and Sanderson's novels have reason to be excited.


Mistborn x Fortnite

Twitter user @NotFuryFN quickly recognized the symbol on a recent Fortnite teaser, tying it to the Mistborn series of novels by Brandon Sanderson.

Metals are a source of magic in the Mistborn world, and iron has several different uses depending on its wielder.


Mistings and Ferrings are individuals who can burn metals to achieve different effects.

A Mistling Lurcher burns iron in Allomancy to pull objects towards their own center of gravity.

An Iron Ferring practices Feruchemy to store physical weight, either lightening objects or making them heavier.

Iron is also used in the practice of Hemalurgy, allowing a caster to steal human strength.

There are many types of metal used in magic, with iron only scratching the surface.

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Sanderson Confirms Collaboration


It was long after the symbol was deciphered that Brandon Sanderson confirmed the collaboration is indeed coming to Fortnite but provided no other details.

Fortnite fans may soon see skins of Vin or other major characters in the series, hopefully with some cool Allomancy, Feruchemy, or Hemalurgy Emotes.

With so many cool ideas to pull from the novels, there is no shortage of ways players may see Mistborn woven into Fortnite.

With no timeline to go by, fans can only hope this collaboration will occur sooner rather than later.

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