5 Most Dangerous Landing Spots in Fortnite Season 8

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Where you land in Fortnite island can decide the outcome of a particular game for you. Land at a sweaty spot and you'll potentially get killed by one of the enemy loopers that land with you.

Land too far out on the map and you might not be able to rotate into the zone in time. If you're playing Fortnite for a while, you may not have difficulty in making your way throughout the match.


However, if you're relatively new to the game, here are a list of spots that you should be avoiding in Fortnite Season 8.

Where to not land in Fortnite Season 8

#1 The Sideways

Whenever you jump out of the battle bus, you will see an active Sideways encounter that spawns on the map.

Although this could be a nice place to get your hands on the Sideways weapons pretty early on in the game, landing without weapons can prove to be fatal.


The endless horde of monsters that spawn here are enough to send you packing to the lobby if you don't have an adequate loadout, so avoid this place at all costs during early game.

#2 Believer Beach

This spot will be one of the most sweaty spots in Fortnite for a while to come. Although the place doesn't have much to offer, it does have a lot of chests that you could loot.

The promise of a good loot coupled with the immense amount of cover that this place offers makes it a hot drop for many people.

It's a good place to stock up on your weapons, but with great rewards comes an immense amount of risk.

#3 Crash sites

Believe it or not, most of these crash sites are literally crawling with loopers. Especially the ones on the route of the battle bus.


These crash sites usually have a lot of shadow cubes lying around, coupled with a few chests. Since the shadow cubes enhance the mobility of the people who consume them, this consumable is coveted.

#4 Lazy Lake

This is another usual hot drop in Fortnite Season 8. Players usually land here for the amount of building resources that it has. Moreover, this place does offer a decent amount of loot as well.

That, coupled with the sheer number of houses that act as cover, this place still witnesses pretty intense firefights even during the early game.

#5 The IO Convoy

The IO convoy is near the Green Steel Bridge right now. It might seem like a wise idea to get your hands on legendary burst assault rifle quite early on in the game.


However, that's a very bad idea, at least during the early game. Without proper equipment, you won't stand a chance against the IO Guards and Doctor Slone.

Although the choice of landing spots varies from person to person and highly depends upon the route that the battle bus takes, these are some of the spots that you should avoid.

Should you fancy yourself a challenge, feel free to test your mettle by landing at the spots mentioned above.

Good luck soldier!

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