Everything We Know About The $19 Fortnite Card

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Fortnite cards have been around for a while now. These cards are specifically built for people who can't purchase V-Bucks online for numerous reasons.

Although there is nothing too special about this card, this transformed into a viral meme. Surprisingly enough, this meme is still taking the community by storm even during Fortnite Season 7.


Everything we know about the 19 dollar Fortnite card

This meme originated back in January 2021, when a TikTok comedian going by the name @MrBlocku uploaded the video from his car.

@MrBlocku, previously known as @imsofate, has always been a positive force in the Fortnite community. He's always encouraged players to support each other and discouraged trolls.

"OK. $19 Fortnite card. Who wants it? And yes, I'm giving it away. Remember: Share. Share. Share...and trolls? DON'T GET BLOCKED."

The video was filmed in a very erratic manner. And the community didn't waste any time in picking up the meme. They replaced the video with other random video content while retaining the original audio.


Despite being a meme, this entire video does promote positivity in it's own little way. Fortnite, just like every other battle royale, is known for its toxicity. So this is a nice way to try and get rid of that toxicity that's prevalent in the community.

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