For Honor 2 Needs More Microtransactions

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Microtransactions found in the original would be of benefit to For Honor 2. For Honor's players can select from various options, many of which can be purchased with in-game currency. Yet, it wouldn't be Ubisoft if they didn't offer a way to do it faster--for a fee.

In For Honor, microtransactions are unbelievably fair, and I hope For Honor 2 follows suit. In Ubisoft's games, microtransactions are genuinely an optional feature for cosmetic items only. Let's see if we can improve on that for the sequel.


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For Honor 2 microtransactions

For Honor came with several Microtransactions that allowed players to customize their warriors fully. Adding more warriors over time has given you a lot of options, which make each player unique. For Honor 2 should be treated the same way.

It would be great if players could build a home base they can go through or a small castle they can hang out in. These little things do not affect gameplay but add to the experience, and that's what I'm looking for. It takes very little time and adds a bit more memory, but it has a lot of lasting appeal.


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True, microtransactions are sometimes awful. We have seen the gaming industry take a wrong turn from making extra money to squeezing every last penny from transparent gambling rings. Ubisoft will hopefully keep forging ahead in For Honor 2.

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