For Honor 2 Is Still At Least A Year Away Based On Clues From Mirage Expansion

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For Honor 2 is a weird title to write about because no many players are looking forward to a sequel. Not that the game is bad; in fact, it's the opposite, it's excellent. It's so good that it's hard to think of some sequel-worthy improvements.

The original For Honor has its issues, but Ubisoft can fix those with patches. It also seems like even Ubisoft doesn't act like the sequel is coming anytime soon because they're still adding DLC to the game five years later. It is through this most recent expansion that we know a sequel won't be coming this year.

For Honor 2 is most likely won't releasing this year

There is a set gameplay style among the For Honor games, and its gameplay does not differ much based on your style of play. Sure, different play styles are based on the character, but that doesn't equal a completely different experience. In all modes, the game feels the same and doesn't change much.

For Honor does melee fighting well, so this isn't a bad thing. Since it has a great customization system for characters and great core gameplay, it doesn't need complex systems. Those who are playing will probably not leave.

Picture of the For Honor Roadmap.
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For Honor Roadmap

Even after five years, For Honor continues to receive DLC and expansions. As opposed to most games with this kind of dedicated service, the updates don't change much. Fortnite changes drastically every season, whereas For Honor just adds some new aspects to its game without changing the core.

There are now thirty heroes on the game's roster, thanks to the new addition of the enigmatic swordsman, "Mirage." The dev team wouldn't make that kind of a move if it planned to abandon the game or shift focus to a sequel. From that and the picture above, we know that a sequel won't be released this year.

Our best hope is that we'll hear from Apple before year's end or early next year. However, we have been keeping track of For Honor 2 Leaks: Release Date, New Heroes/Factions, and Everything We Know So Far. As we receive more information, we will add it to that link.

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