Football Manager Can No Longer Use Manchester United's Name

Football Manager's been part of a dispute recently. Following a trademark issue between Manchester United and SEGA, they've confirmed that future entries will no longer use the Manchester United name. As a result, they'll now use Manchester UFC, or Man UFC.

Posted in an official tweet earlier today, SEGA stated:

Manchester United and Sega have agreed a settlement to amicably resolve their trade mark dispute relating to Football Manager. Both parties are pleased to resolve this matter to their mutual satisfaction.

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Football Manager Can No Longer Use Manchester United's Name

Speaking further in a reply, Sega advised these changes were only made "as a gesture of goodwill", advising it was done to "settle the dispute on a no admissions basis." Put simply, that just means SEGA has compromised without admitting to any wrongdoing.

Though Football Manager 2021 had licencing for 29 leagues across 14 countries, this isn't the first time club names have changed. Juventus has previously been named Zebre, while Germany's national team remains unlicensed. It's great to see SEGA and Manchester United putting this issue to bed, and we'll keep you updated with further changes.

Source: VGC

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