Final Fantasy 7’s Got a New Jazz Album, and You Can Download It Today

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Feeling the blues whilst waiting for Final Fantasy 7 Remake's next part? Perhaps this'll cheer you up. Calling this the Square Enix Jazz Final Fantasy VII at Billboard Live Tokyo album, that's available via Apple Music for digital download at $15.99.

As you'd likely gather from thee name, this album features a selection of jazz arrangements from Final Fantasy 7. That includes iconic songs such as "One Winged Angel", "Aerith’s Theme", Final Fantasy VII's main theme, and of course, the victory fanfare.


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Final Fantasy 7’s Got a New Jazz Album, and You Can Download It Right Now

You can find the full list down below:

“Opening – Bombing Mission”

  • “Shinra, Inc.”
  • “Cait Sith’s Theme”
  • “Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII
  • “On Our Way”
  • “J-E-N-O-V-A”
  • “Fight On!”
  • “The Chase”
  • “Tifa’s Theme”
  • “Aerith’s Theme”
  • “One Winged Angel”
  • “Main Theme”
  • “Fanfare”

Square Enix are rather fond of their arrangement albums. Having previously released an Orchestra Arrangement for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, they frequently branch into other entries, including a Crystal Chronicles 'Piano Collections' last April. We'll keep you informed with further Final Fantasy news as it happens.


Source: Siliconera