Square Enix Reveals New Final Fantasy Origin Screenshots

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Team Ninja's Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is set for release in March 2022, but publisher Square Enix is still slowly showing us new content and teasing what to expect. This time, it's the screenshots of some of the characters, locations, and classes we can expect in this reimagining of Final Fantasy.

IGN reports that one of the most notable characters introduced is the pirate named Captain Bikke who will be encountered by the game's protagonist, Jack. They are set to meet inside a pirate ship sailing around a new location called Pravoka Seagrot. The original Final Fantasy had no such pirates and limited sailing, for reference.

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Square Enix Reveals New Final Fantasy Origin Screenshots


Other characters shown in the screenshot are Cornelia's royal family members, including the King, Queen Jayne, and daughters, Sarah and Mia. The publisher also revealed a new ability called Soul Shield that can defend against attacks and fire back at them immediately.

So far, we still don't really know what Stranger of Paradise is about. It's not a prequel nor a sequel to the mainline Final Fantasy games, but re-imagines the original, with Jack Garland at its center. Garland was also the main antagonist in the original game, so it seems there's plenty of surprises from Tetsuya Nomura still in store.

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