Final Fantasy Mobile Icon Changes Spark 3D Remake Rumors Right Before E3

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What could Square Enix be teasing? It could be nothing, but with all the E3 2021 hype circling around in the air right now, the smallest tweak, change, or tease can become a big deal. Mere days before the biggest week in gaming kicks off, Square Enix has only gone and updated the icons of its Final Fantasy mobile games, fueling speculation that another Final Fantasy 3D Remake is on the horizon.

As noted by TouchArcade's Shaun Musgrave on Twitter, a light tweak has added a little "3D Remake" banner to the existing icons of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV. Though virtually every legacy Final Fantasy title on Android and iOS is lightly tweaked from their source material in some way to suit modern devices, it was never clear which games were remasters, which simply featured updated sprites, and which were full-blown remakes.

Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV both received full 3D remakes on the Nintendo DS. These versions were eventually ported to virtually every platform under the sun. It could just be an innocent plan to increase visibility and awareness of the titles, but timing the change around the E3 announcement season is enough to set off alarm bells. Could another Final Fantasy 3D Remake be in the works? Are we looking at a 2D Final Fantasy IV mobile port? Or perhaps the original 2D Final Fantasy III is finally getting an official English release after 30+ years. If it's the former, which title would you want to see get the proper 3D treatment next?

The E3 2021 Square Enix Presents press conference kicks off on June 13 at 12:15pm PT / 8:15pm BST. If the publisher has anything to say about the curious case of the new Final Fantasy mobile icons, that's where it'll happen.